EEG 101

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EEG 102

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EEG of the Month

In this section an EEG of the month will be presented with expert discussion and management considerations. Comments and questions are encouraged. The EEGs are chosen based on their representation of common findings that require interpretation in real-time in the ICU.  The modern high-speed, varsity-level practice of neurocritical care has mandated the recognition that in the NeuroICU we must be able to use point-of-care EEG in the management of our patients, akin to the use of point-of-care ultrasound in the ICU [NeuroICU Ultrasound]. Point-of-care EEG is the use of bedside EEG to inform the management of status epileptics, gain insight into alterations of consciousness and assist in the management of other common NeuroICU disease states such as vasospasm and stroke.